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Contact Adhesives

Model: Contact Adhesive
Contact AdhesiveA premium grade, solvent-based, neoprene adhesive with high grab and long open time to enable re-positioning. May be used to bond lightweight materials to vertical surfaces and ceilings. It is predominantly designed for interior use but can be used externally when the adhesive is pro..
ex VAT:£5.83
Model: Mitre Kit Adhesive
Mitre Kit AdhesiveAn easy solution for gluing mitred joints together.Kit comprises of:cyanoacrylate adhesive200ml Aerosol activatorSpray one part of the joint with the activator and allow to dry. Apply a thin film of adhesive to the other part of the joint and bring both pieces together. Apply&..
ex VAT:£8.33
Model: Spray Adhesive
Spray AdhesiveHigh strength spray adhesive used for many applicationsCan be used to fix a wide range of materials likeWoodConcreteStoneTilesRubberFoamMetalsPlus quite a few more uses.Sold in 500ml tins..
ex VAT:£8.33
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