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Model: Fix 'N' Grout
fix 'n' groutA brilliant white, ready mixed adhesive paste, for use as a thin-bed waterproof ceramic wall tile adhesive and joint filling grout. Suitable for fixing all types of ceramic wall tiles, including mosaics, porcelain and vitrified tiles in internal locations.For use in bathrooms, kitchens ..
ex VAT:£5.83
Model: Floor Tile Grout (3kg)
floor TILE groutA grey cement-based, polymer modified wide joint filling compound for tile joints from 3mm up to 12mm wide around all types of ceramic floor tiles. Formulated to provide a flowable, readily compactable, grouting slurry, which can be easily applied accross all types of ceramic tiled s..
ex VAT:£6.66
Model: Steri-Grout Wall & Floor Tile Grout
wall/floor TILE GROUTA specially formulated, polymer modified cement based floor and wall tile grout. Containing a strong fungicide it will also inhibit black spot mould growth and reduce dirt pick up. Can be used to grout joints from 2mm to 20mm. Suitable for use in areas of limited movement/vibrat..
ex VAT:£10.83
Model: Wall Tile Grout (3kg)
wall TILE GROUT - whiteA white cement-based, polymer modified narrow joint filling compound for tile joints up to 3mm wide around all types of ceramic wall tiles. Sets to a hard, durable, water-resistant finish, suitable for interior and exterior applications...
ex VAT:£5.83
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