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Model: Diamond Lattice Trellis
diamond lattice trellis - GREEN TREATED..
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Heavy Duty Fan Trellis (Golden) Heavy Duty Fan Trellis (Golden)
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Model: Heavy Duty Fan Trellis
heavy duty fan TRELLISThis fan shape trellis allows plants to be supported in a more interesting and natural shape with a new and improved, fine sawn timber finish. This trellis is pressure-treated golden brown for protection against wood rot...
ex VAT:£20.83
Model: Traditional Square Trellis (Golden)
Heavy duty SQUare trellisThis Heavy Duty Trellis is ideal for supporting climbing plants. The fine sawn timber provides a smooth, superior finish whilst the pressure treatment  protects the trellis from wood rot and decay. Available in pressure-treated golden brown...
ex VAT:£12.49
Model: Square Trellis
planed square TRELLIS - GREEN TREATED..
ex VAT:£7.49
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Trellis can be used to maximise the growing space in any garden or balcony setting. From decorative roses to leafy climbing plants, trellis can be adorned with a variety of greenery and can be positioned to help ensure privacy or screen off unsightly areas of the garden.