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Timber Mouldings

Model: Angle Bead 20 x 20
Angle Bead 20mm x 20mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£5.12
Model: Angle Bead 27 x 27
Angle Bead 27mm x 27mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£6.66
Model: Angle Bead 34 x 34
Angle Bead 34mm x 34mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£11.62
Model: Angle Bead 42 x 42
Angle Bead 42mm x 42mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£19.53
Model: Quadrant 6x6
Quadrant Bead6mm x 6mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£1.43
Model: Quadrant 10 x 10
Quadrant Bead10mm x 10mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£2.32
Model: Quadrant 12 x 12
Quadrant Bead12mm x 12mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£2.68
Model: Quadrant 16 x 16
Quadrant Bead16mm x 16mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£3.08
Model: Quadrant 18 x 18
Quadrant Bead18mm x 18mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£3.77
Model: Quadrant 18 x 18 (Primed White)
Quadrant BeadWhite primed18mm x 18mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£7.12
Model: Dowels 6mm
Dowel 6mm x 6mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£2.38
Model: Dowels 9mm
Dowel 9mm x 9mm x 240cm..
ex VAT:£2.50
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