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Model: Fence boards 4"
Green Treated Fence Board 100mm x 16mm – Durable Garden Fencing Solution (Tanalised)Discover our robust and reliable Green Treated Fence Board, designed to enhance the aesthetics and durability of your garden fencing. Each board measures 100mm in width and features a substantial thickness of 16mm, e..
ex VAT:£1.17
Model: Planed Pressure Treated Rail
Planed TREATED Fence railSize: 70mm x 30mm x 1.83m Treatment: Pressure treated tanalised greenThis Tanalised Fence Rail measures 1.83 metres x 70mm x 30mm and is suitable for most fencing applications but is especially suitable when constructing a picket fence. The picket fence is ideal for mar..
ex VAT:£3.75
Model: Machine round post
machine rounded treated postSize: 100mm x 3.66mGreen treated for a 15 year service life...
ex VAT:£16.66
Model: Traditional Square Trellis (Golden)
Heavy duty SQUare trellisThis Heavy Duty Trellis is ideal for supporting climbing plants. The fine sawn timber provides a smooth, superior finish whilst the pressure treatment  protects the trellis from wood rot and decay. Available in pressure-treated golden brown...
ex VAT:£12.49
Model: Fence boards 6"
Fence Board 150mm (6")Green treated (Tanalised)Board thickness: 16mm..
ex VAT:£1.13
Model: 6ft Featheredge Fence boards (1.8mtr x 122mm )
Featheredge Fence Board 6ft  (1.8mtr x 122mm )Aligned vertically onto horizontal rails, the feather edge boards are nailed such that adjacent boards overlap, forming an extremely strong and wind-proof fence with maximum privacy.Green treated...
ex VAT:£1.42
Model: 3ft x 3" Pointed Picket 0.9
Pointed Pickets (90cm x 68mm x 16mm) 3ft x 3" Used to make up Picket style fencingGreen treated16mm Thickness ..
ex VAT:£1.21
Model: 4ft x 3" Pointed Picket 1.2
Pointed Pickets (120cm x 68mm x 16mm) 4ft x 3" Used to make up Picket style fencingGreen treated16mm Thickness ..
ex VAT:£1.46
Model: 3ft x 3" Round top Picket 0.9
Round top Pickets (90cm x 68mm x 16mm) 3ft x 3" Used to make up Picket style fencingAvailable in Round top alsoGreen treated16mm Thickness ..
ex VAT:£1.29
Round Top Picket 1.2m Round Top Picket 1.2m
Out Of Stock
Model: Round top Picket 1.2
Round top Picket (120cm x 68mm x 16mm) 4ft x 3" Used to make up picket style fencingGreen treated16mm Thickness ..
ex VAT:£1.54
Model: Treated Fence Rail (3" x 1½")
Treated Fence RailWe keep fence rail in stock all year round.The fence rails are pressure treated ensuring the treatment is all the way through the timber.Treated in this way means the timber will last for many years outdoors.3.6mtr x 75mm x 38mm (3" x 1½")4.2mtr x 75mm x 38mm (3" x 1½")..
ex VAT:£4.58
Model: 1800mm Fence Capping
Fence Capping Green treated fence capping with channeled section allowing it to sit over the top of fence boards.Available in 1.8mtr lengths onlyGreen treated (Tanalised)..
ex VAT:£3.54
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Adding fencing around your home makes a more peaceful, safe space. It protects your property from burglars, windy weather, and nosy neighbours. So if you want to upgrade your garden, it's time to get a fence.